Polaris 400 / 500 / 570

The folding design allows for access to the cab for air ventilation on those hot summer days or ride
with it up to protect you from the dust and blowing debris on those dusty trails. The windshield is made
of impact resistant acrylic to prevent dangerous shattering and potential injury. The acrylic is non-
yellowing as well as UV resistant.

• Trailer tow-able. Tow the Polaris Ranger XP backwards with windshield down or forwards with
windshield up and locked.
• Foldable
• Designed for the physically challenged.
• Easy to remove on the trail by simply releasing the two thumb screws at the bottom of the
windshield and releasing the two upper straps that hold the windshield.
• Works with all J.Strong Accessories.
• Upper straps that hold the windshield snug against ROPS
• Impact resistant acrylic
• Non-yellowing, non-crazing
• UV Resistant
• Made in USA

$399.99 each

EK400 Folding Windshield

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