Rhino – 2004 - 2006 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

This half door set is a necessity for all Rhino riders. The doors are made of high impact paint-able ABS
plastic. The doors are completely removable and reversible, which combined with their durability,
makes this accessory every Rhino owner's favorite add-on!

The reversibility of the doors will extend the life cycle of your new doors. Just flip the door and switch
the hardware for that brand new out-of-the-box look. Mounting the doors inside the roll cage is another
added benefit. It ensures the width of the Rhino will remain the same. This is a big issue for those
riders who ride on tight trails. The mounting bracket and hardware is powder coated for extreme off-
road conditions. The hinge pin, door latch and strike plate are made of stainless steel to increase the
longevity of this very durable hardware package.

$399.99 each

EK103 Half Doors

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